Flats, Offshore, Pontoon, Bay & Shallow Water Boats

SW Florida Marine maintains a large inventory of in-stock boats to fit your lifestyle needs. It is important to consider what your professional and/or leisure ambitions are when shopping for your boat. We can help you learn how to choose the ideal boat type for your leisure time or business goals. We stock and special order flats, shallow water, bay, offshore, and pontoon boats.

We typically have the following types of new and used boats in stock. If you require additional custom options, we can place an order for you direct from the factory. Please contact us with any questions and we will assist you with finding the perfect boat to fit your needs.

Dargel 230 HDX KAT Original TX Skinny Water Combo Flats Offshore Boats

KatWe are pleased to offer the Dargel 230 HDX KAT Original TX Skinny Water Combo Flats Offshore Bay Boats. Dargel has been at the forefront of boating technology since 1937 and continues to amaze.

Call for availability of this popular, superior combination boat that allows you to consolidate your boats and equip yourself with one boat that is a true flats water boat that can also handle offshore chop! We have been waiting for this revolutionary boat and it is finally in production!

We are happy to announce that SW Florida Marine will be carrying the Original Ultimate Texas Skinny Water Boat, the Dargel 230 HDX KAT! Call (239) 437-2444 to check on availability or to place your order after December 2015.

Combination Flats/Offshore Boats are perfect for those whose needs include:

Fishermen • Water Skiers • Necessity of One Boat That Can Go From Shallow Water to the Bay to the Ocean

Luxury Compact Qwest Pontoon Boats

If you are looking for a luxury compact pontoon boat, you’re in the right place! SW Florida Marine maintains a nice stock of pontoon styles and can order in a custom model that will accommodate all of your leisure time needs. We deal in premium quality Qwest pontoons that are built to help you maximize your leisure time on the water and serve to assist you with getting the most enjoyment possible out of life.

Pontoon boats are perfect for:

Families with Children • Fishermen • Water Skiers • Those Who Prefer a Low-Maintenance Boat
Safety, Comfort, & Longevity • Those Who Require More Storage Space

Many manufacturers claim that their boats are saltwater series units. However, Qwest Pontoons by Apex are the only TRUE saltwater series pontoon boats available on the market today. The entire manufacturing process is dedicated to producing a durable and reliable saltwater series pontoon that will serve you and your family for the duration.

Learn more about Qwest pontoons: Qwest Pontoons - Apex Marine Inc.

Shallow Water, Bay, & Close Offshore Center Console Boats

The Kenner Brothers are back in the boating market as K2 Marine! You can now own the product of over 30 years of boat manufacturing expertise. Kenner brothers boats have been highly sought after by professional charter boat operators, anglers, and law enforcement for decades and are back on the market under the Frontier and Blackjack brands by K2.

Center console boats offer shallow to deep water versatility in mild weather for:

Fishermen • Pleasure Boaters • Skiers

K2 offers the following reliable center console shallow water bay boats that can also maneuver well offshore on mild days:

K2 Marine Frontier Boats

Frontier 180

Frontier 180

Frontier 2104

Frontier 2104

The K2 Marine Blackjack Premium Line

Offering innovative modern features and upscale finishes, Blackjacks are the crème de la crème of luxury boats. The smaller Blackjack model 224 and the deluxe model 256 can both take you from the bay out into the chop of mild weather days with ease.

Blackjack 224

Blackjack 224

Blackjack 256

Blackjack 256

Contact SW Florida Marine for all of your boating needs. We are here to serve you and are happy to assist you by answering your questions and helping you to locate the perfect boat for all of your needs. Call our helpful staff today: (239) 437-2444.